Public Meeting – Future of Troon Old Buildings


Troon Old Parish Church and Hall

You are invited to attend a PUBLIC MEETING at 7:30pm on Sunday 9th June to discuss the future of the Troon Old church buildings, hosted by the Kirk Session of Troon Old Parish Church.

The shape of the Church of Scotland in Troon is changing, most obviously in the union of Portland, St Meddan’s and Troon Old Parish Churches to form Troon Church of Scotland on 1st July 2024, described in web page About Church Union.

As part of these changes, the Church of Scotland has decided that the Troon Old sanctuary (the main church) is surplus to requirements.

Although it is well used and much loved, the building requires extensive repairs, and will not be used as the regular place of worship for the new united Troon Church of Scotland.

Troon Old sanctuary
Troon Old sanctuary is due to close.

Troon Old church halls, on the other hand, accommodate many church and community activities, and the united congregation will have a continuing requirement to use the halls.  A study is under way to see if the sanctuary can be separated from the church halls.

Community Use

The Troon Old site, at the corner of Ayr Street and Academy Street, has served the spiritual needs of the town for nearly 200 years and, as current custodians of that heritage, the Kirk Session would like to see it remain in community use.

Troon Old Parish Church main hall
The original Troon Parish Church.

Uniquely, there are two generations of Parish Church on site, each with its own Grade B listing.  The original Parish Church (now the main hall) was built in the 1830s, with the steeple and town clock added in 1843.

That church became too small, and the prominent Victorian architect Hippolyte Blanc was commissioned to design the new Parish Church sanctuary in 1893.

Further meeting rooms, an office, kitchen and toilets were added when the link building was completed in the 1930s.

Future Options – A sustainable community purpose?

So what happens when Troon Old sanctuary closes for worship?  The Public Meeting will cover

  • What is due to happen to Troon Old church buildings?
  • What are the repair problems with Troon Old sanctuary?
  • What are the heritage considerations and opportunities?
  • What are the future options and requirements for the buildings?

Keeping the Troon Old church buildings in some form of community use depends on identifying new custodians for some or all of the site.  Over the past year there have been a couple of expressions of interest, and those groups will be invited to share their ideas at the meeting.

Do you have a vision of a sustainable community purpose for Troon Old church buildings?  If so, please contact the Kirk Session via we are actively seeking realistic proposals that could be presented at the meeting.

Above all, the Public Meeting will be an opportunity to ask questions and, hopefully, see a way forward.

Ultimately, the decision on what happens next for the Troon Old church buildings will be taken by the new Kirk Session of the united Troon Church of Scotland, in consultation with central Church of Scotland authorities.  It’s intended that the outcome of the Public Meeting will provide valuable guidance for that decision.

Public Meeting: Where and When

The Public Meeting will be held in Troon Old Parish Church at 7:30pm on Sunday 9th June.

Guided walkarounds will be available from 6:30pm.